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Brand Awareness Marketing and Advertising Solutions

Build your brand awareness, help potential customers remember you and become their first choice when they’re ready to buy.

Generate More Customer Leads and Boost Sales

Reach your target market and gain increased online exposure. Our local online display advertising solutions use the Google network to target your potential customers by their location and online activities.

Key Benefits

Target Your Audience
Deliver your message to the right audience using geographic targeting and behavioral targeting across the many Google properties, including all Google Networks and more. Geographic targeting delivers your ad to consumers in your geographic zone, while behavioral targeting directs your ads at consumers looking for your products or services based on search terms, visited content, clicked ads, and clicked search results.

Reach More Customers
Google reaches 86% of US Internet users, who spend an average of 264 minutes per month on the site and visit an average of 26 times per month.* Your online ads take advantage of this immense exposure to connect with prospective customers and establish brand awareness.

*Google Analytics, average of monthly internal data collected from June through December 2011.

We Do the Heavy-Lifting
Get a complete campaign setup, from initial ad design to ongoing reporting and monitoring. You receive optimized ad placement on Google, monthly email activity reports, and a flat monthly rate with no upfront costs. Microsite Solutions does the heavy-lifting to ensure your ads are seen by potential customers.

Advertise on Mobile
Drive leads, sales, downloads, and other direct marketing objectives using our mobile display advertising solutions. Research shows 80% of the U.S. population of 303.6 million have mobile phones, with 82% having phones with text messaging capabilities, 72% having phones capable of browsing the Web, and 23% (58 million) of U.S. mobile subscribers saying they have been exposed to mobile advertising in the past 30 days with 50% responding to a mobile ad.

*Source 2011 Mobile Marketers Guide

Tracking your ad performance

We want to make sure you have the insights you need to understand how your ad solution is working for you. Through our Online Account Services, you can manage your account in one easy-to-use location. You can review details of your purchased advertising, track your performance, get detailed data on the clicks, calls, and impressions of your ad.